Thursday, August 23, 2012

{Thrifted Finds}

Its been very slim pickings in the thrift stores lately, so have hardly been going.  Besides being way too over-priced, most of the items have been crappy lately. 

Something that really annoys me is there is this one shop and I have noticed that on their pricetags they have been stating "$__ - sold on eBay for $__" - they should not be allowed to do that!!

Anyway - one of my latest finds was a piece of Pyrex (yay for me!  Its been a long time since I saw a piece at the thrift shop)

 *Agee Australia - unknown pattern*

I also saw this faux fireplace and nearly cried when I had to walk away from it.  I stood there staring at it for the longest time, but unfortunately I have nowhere to put it.  Absolutely nowhere.  It made me very sad - it was beautiful and I had so many possible ideas running around in my head.  So very, very sad :(

Hope you are all well - sorry I haven't had a chance to visit and comment on your posts.  I've had my parent-in-laws staying with us and haven't had a chance to do much at all.  We're half-way through their visit, so things will get back to normal late next week.

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bec said...

oh I feel your pain..I too would be sad to let this one go!
I agree though, some opp shops are really way overpriced, I understand they are making money for their charity but they are also catering for lower income families too aren't they?
Bec x