Sunday, September 16, 2012

{Sunday Poll: That Little Annoying Light}

I hate getting in the car and the little annoying petrol light blinks on.  It always seems to happen whenever I want the car. (Yes, we're a one car couple!)

Do you live dangerously and wait until the light comes on to fill the car up/put some petrol in?  We do all the time!  I get annoyed at having to get petrol again so soon after just filling it up a week ago.  It sure doesn't last long - and its so expensive.  Gone are the days of having my first little car and having to dig around for $25 to fill it up.  Nowadays its more like $70 to fill - and we only have a small car!

A few Christmas's ago hubby won a few 20% off fuel vouchers through his work.  They came in very handy, especially at that time of year.  We sent one to his parents and one to my parents.  When I asked my mum about it, she said she used it and got half a tank.  WTF???  Apparently now that they are in their retirement years, they panic when the arrow points to half, and then rush to the petrol station to fill the car back up.  I don't get it.  Half a tank is still enough petrol to do quite a few kilometers over a few days.  And whats the point of getting 20% off the price of half a tank  - wouldn't it make more sense to use that special voucher when you filled up the car completely?

So todays poll question:  When do you fill your tank with fuel?  When its half way, or when its nearly dried up like I do?

Friday, September 14, 2012

{Five Favourites For Friday}

This week iheart...

*  How sweet are these Clam Shell books! Made by Etsy seller OdelaeSee the full story here.

* Currently obsessing over everything in Kara Rosenlund's  NEW Travelling Wares on-line shop

* With the rise in humidity in Far North Queensland, ready for the Wet Season, I'm thinking I will have to make this DIY Bleach Splattered Dress by Julie Ann Art.

* Knitting with wire.  Yes, wire! (pictured below) Check out more beautiful creations on the Nicety Live Journal.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{iheartsunnydays: Feeling Loved at Shorely Chic}

Just a quicky today.  Something terribly exciting happened last night and I wanted you all to know!!

I was featured by the beautiful Liz of Shorely Chic.

Go there now and see what lovely things Liz says about me!  I'm quite chuffed and honoured that I am one of Liz's favourite Instagrammers (yes - my head is big today!!)

And while you're there you'll have to check out Liz's Etsy shop too - jam packed with with coastal/beachy goodness.  What can be cooler than chevron AND flamingos?  NOTHING!  Thats why I have my eye on one of these iPhone cases made by Liz and available here

Saturday, September 8, 2012

{Fairy Lights & Shiny Things}

If you happen to follow me on Pinterest, read my Five Favourites For Friday, or know me personally, you would know I have a love of fairy lights and shiny things! 

I have so many fairy lights sitting in the cupboard for Christmas time (and a few around the house that I turn on every now and then) so when I came across this brilliant tutorial for DIY Marquee Lights by Sugar&Cloth featured on Grey Likes Nesting, I knew I just had to give it a try.

Last week, there was a bit of excitement around here as Cairns finally got their own Masters hardware store.  I love this store!  Well, at Masters they have a range of wallpaper, including designs from the Laura Ashley range.  You might say - yeah, but what has that got to do with marquee lights?  Well, I'm glad you asked!  Masters let you take a 20cm SAMPLE of their wallpaper range.  How cool is that? (I won't tell you how many different samples I've already taken!)  So I used one of these samples to use in my marquee lights.

I also bought one of those cardboard letters from the discount store and used some battery operated lights that were sitting in the cupboard.  All up I spent a total of $3.00, which was for the cardboard letter.  So not only was my marquee letter easy to make, it was also so cheap.  Gotta love that right?

(supplies:  cardboard letter, fairy lights, pencil, eraser, ruler, stanley knife, coin.  And glue, not pictured)

First I cut the backside of the letter off, and then covered the remaining with the wallpaper sample.  I used just normal glue to stick the two together.  After waiting for the glue to dry, I then followed the instructions to cut holes for the fairy lights from the tutorial here.  Shove the bulbs through the holes and WooHoo:

My own little Marquee letter, made by me!  Finally a DIY I've done that isn't a total disaster!!

Linking up with the Say G'day Saturday linky party held by the wonderful Natasha of NatashaInOz.

Friday, September 7, 2012

{Five Favourites For Friday}

This week iheart...

* Spring is here and I'm loving Jake Evans Flora Sway project (pictured above).

* A Beach House in South Africa - stunning. (Via French By Design)

* I fell in love with Plumo (found via 79ideas blog)

* Two DIY's to try - mini Polaroid charm by Ambrosia Creative.  (Full Tutorial on dotcomsformoms.)   And its only 16 weeks until Christmas!  How about these DIY Ombre Ornaments by Ambrosia Creative.

* Loving this print by wickedpaper on Etsy.

Ok, so that was 6 things iheart this week!  Have a great weekend :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

{Seashell Hangings}

I've wanted a seashell hanging for a long time, and have found some fabulous ones on eBay and Etsy but the problem is, I'm too scared that they are going to break in the mail.

(via Pinterest)

Enter my addiction to seashell necklaces.  Whenever I see one at the thrift store I have to have it.  My collection had started to grow a bit too much so I decided to make myself a 'mini' seashell hanging (a large one would require many more thrifted necklaces and I don't really have somewhere suitable to hang a very large one.)

(part of the 'collection')

I used all the ones that were the same for the main part, and it took me quite a few nights to re-string all the little shells - But I finally finished it!

Ok, its almost finished!  I ran out of fishing line to tie the last couple of bottom star thingy's on (these were off a belt!).  And I need to trim the line, but it's almost finished!

Now what to make out of the rest of the necklaces??!!