Sunday, September 16, 2012

{Sunday Poll: That Little Annoying Light}

I hate getting in the car and the little annoying petrol light blinks on.  It always seems to happen whenever I want the car. (Yes, we're a one car couple!)

Do you live dangerously and wait until the light comes on to fill the car up/put some petrol in?  We do all the time!  I get annoyed at having to get petrol again so soon after just filling it up a week ago.  It sure doesn't last long - and its so expensive.  Gone are the days of having my first little car and having to dig around for $25 to fill it up.  Nowadays its more like $70 to fill - and we only have a small car!

A few Christmas's ago hubby won a few 20% off fuel vouchers through his work.  They came in very handy, especially at that time of year.  We sent one to his parents and one to my parents.  When I asked my mum about it, she said she used it and got half a tank.  WTF???  Apparently now that they are in their retirement years, they panic when the arrow points to half, and then rush to the petrol station to fill the car back up.  I don't get it.  Half a tank is still enough petrol to do quite a few kilometers over a few days.  And whats the point of getting 20% off the price of half a tank  - wouldn't it make more sense to use that special voucher when you filled up the car completely?

So todays poll question:  When do you fill your tank with fuel?  When its half way, or when its nearly dried up like I do?


Stylish Kylie said...

Oh the light definitely has to be on for me to fill up. I don't like going to the petrol station, so the less visits the better.

Anonymous said...

Hello :) I found your blog from your IG account...I'm @yorkesgirl!
I most definitely wait until the petrol light comes on....and lately even until I'm down to 10ks in the tank! I loathe getting out to get petrol!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

We've always been a one car couple too... and became a no car couple when we moved to NYC! Yeah..., so much extra money to play around with!!

Claudia Lane said...

Yes me too I wait for the "Beep...!" (my car makes this annoying, loud sound when it needs petrol! but I still wait for it!) Actually I ran out once (yep!) and it was quite embarrassing when the NRMA guy showed up...! C'est la vie! Hope you are well. Cx