Tuesday, September 4, 2012

{Seashell Hangings}

I've wanted a seashell hanging for a long time, and have found some fabulous ones on eBay and Etsy but the problem is, I'm too scared that they are going to break in the mail.

(via Pinterest)

Enter my addiction to seashell necklaces.  Whenever I see one at the thrift store I have to have it.  My collection had started to grow a bit too much so I decided to make myself a 'mini' seashell hanging (a large one would require many more thrifted necklaces and I don't really have somewhere suitable to hang a very large one.)

(part of the 'collection')

I used all the ones that were the same for the main part, and it took me quite a few nights to re-string all the little shells - But I finally finished it!

Ok, its almost finished!  I ran out of fishing line to tie the last couple of bottom star thingy's on (these were off a belt!).  And I need to trim the line, but it's almost finished!

Now what to make out of the rest of the necklaces??!!


beachcomber said...

i love them too.. what a great idea. yours looks lovely!
look forward to seeing it finished.

kim said...

good job!

Pippa said...

I love them too! I have a hanging basket one, with a seed pearl succulent in it! I look forward to seeing yours finished! :)

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