Friday, August 10, 2012

{Five Favourites For Friday}

Today iheart...

DIY from Photojojo - How to Make a Gigantic Roll of Film.  This is cool!  And would be handy for storage of all those camera bits and pieces.

I think I need this compass ring by Etsy seller Teri Lee Jewelry

If you don't know about the blog Squeezed Daily - Tropical Living then your missing out.  Did you know Sarah lives on a boat, on a Tropical Island too!

Hand-painted Linen kitchen tea towels?  Tutorial by Jenny of Everyday Occasions blog.  (Found via Pinterest)

Chocolate Chip Cookies are my baking limit, but I'm wishing I was this talented.  How gorgeous are these biscuits!  Made by the ever so talented Krista over at Cookies With Character blog.

Have a wonderful weekend :)


Lydia Criss Mays said...

How precious are those cookies! And that film looks like a great halloween costume to keep in the back of my mind! Awesome!

Also wanted to let you know we're having a See Beautiful blog hop today if you're interested. We're seeing lots of beautiful (just to dangle the carrot a bit):

Happy seeing beautiful!

Shivam said...

Nice blog and pictures all things is too good.