Thursday, August 16, 2012

{I Have A New Toy}

I love my iPhone.  I can sit on the couch or outside and do just about everything on it instead of sitting at the desk on the laptop. I also love Instagram.  This week I posted my 1000th photo on Instagram - and I've only been using it since late February!  I'm totally addicted.

This week hubby bought me a new toy - which has to do with my iPhone and Instagram.  So now I totally love it too, and am becoming very addicted.  Its called an Olloclip, which is a little 3-in-1 lens kit thingy that clips onto your iPhone over the camera lens and transforms your iPhone camera lens into a macro, fisheye or wide angle lens!

No, I've only really fiddled with the macro lens at this stage, but it is pretty amazing for such a small thing.

*raindrops caught in a spiderweb in the grass*


*green ant*

What do you think - Would you try an Olloclip?
If you dont live near an Apple store check out the Photojojo online store (these guys have way cool stuff!) or try a search on eBay - you'll love it too!

(This is not a sponsored post - just my thoughts on a new toy.  And I know I'm not a great photographer, but I am having fun and thats all that counts - to me anyway!)


Gary Lum said...

Great macro images. I love them.

Stylish Kylie said...

I think you're a great photographer. Love your shots!!!

beachcomber said...

great shots! yes i'd definitely like to try olloclip.