Sunday, August 5, 2012

{Sunday Poll: Drip Drying the Dishes}

I had so much fun doing that post about pegs last month, and enjoyed reading your replies.  (Thank you for commenting!)  It seems, like most things I do, I have been doing it wrong.  Well, I managed to take all the pegs off the line and put them in their little basket, and had no pegs on the line for about 2 days. I was so proud of myself, Mum would have very been pleased.  You'll be disappointed to know that that was as far as it got.  As soon as I did another load of washing, out came the pegs and they stayed!!

So todays question is: 

For those of us not lucky enough to have a dishwasher or a maid:  When you wash up dishes, do you dry them as well or leave them to drip dry?  I'm in favour of drip dry.  I learnt this from my mum.  I hate trying to dry dishes with a wet soggy tea towel, so things get left in the drainer until they air dry.

This of course poses a problem when there is not enough room in the drainer for all the washing up.  I end up washing up half now, drip dry that load then wash up the other half!

I have heaps of these dilemma type issues and am thinking of doing a once a month Sunday Poll.  Good idea or not?  But tell me, are you a wiper-uper or a drip-dryer?


Liz said...

Hi there :)
Well personally, I have a diswasher BUT, I didn't always. I prefer to dry the dishes because we have a large family (I raised 4 chidren alone) so the dish rack would have been overflowing with dishes if I had left it.
So, I am a "wiper-uper".

Wendy Sice said...

I can be both, depending how quickly I need to tidy up! Mostly I'm a drip drier, but I wish I was more efficient. My dream is for my home to look like a display home, but it just doesn't, lol! :)

kim said...

Well, we do have a dishwasher, but don't put everything in it. When I do eventually get around to washing it, it's because I want it GONE! So, the only answer for me is to dry it, and put it away. I once had a flatmate who insisted he left it "for God to dry". That shat me. A lot.

(I like your polls! Good idea!)

Sarah - Squeezed Daily said...

I have a solution to your problem, maybe won't be embraced by many...
as you know I live on boat,no dishwasher or much space, so I culled bowls, plates etc. etc. so they sink never overflows with dirty dishes, dry rack is not over loaded. Also eliminates kids and hubby getting out a fresh bowl or cup, they have to wash up the one they had 10minutes ago!

What was the question? oh, yes I let them drip dry.