Monday, July 30, 2012

{That Time I Tried to D.I.Y a Juju: Part 1}

We all love Juju hats, yes?  Well, I do.  I love everything about them - they have feathers and they are a fun addition to any wall.  I also love Louise's (from Table Tonic) juju's.

The only thing I dont like is the price tag.  Some prices range from a couple of hundred up to onwards of eight hundred dollars.  Now for me, that is a cheap holiday down to Brisbane for the weekend.  And well, I love holidays too, and would much rather spend that couple of hundred on a holiday.

So don't laugh, but I tried to make my own juju!  It ended up being a F.A.I.L. (as I expected!) I googled a few tutorials and ending up doing a mix up of the ones I could find.  So here goes:

I used a wooden round base, double sided tape and of course feathers.  For the end middle bit I had thrifted a bunched up feather thingy that was on top of a ladies hat.  I considered using glue, but thought that might have been a bit too messy and I wanted the feathers to be flufflyish and not hard and stuck together.  I worked the feathers around and around and around until I got to the middle bit.  This is where I glued the bunched up hat feathers.

And this is what it ended up looking like - F.A.I.L.

Now that I've slept on the idea overnight, I think I might have figured out another way.  So I will give this new way a try and will let you know if it FAILS too!!

Some good DIY Juju tutorials I did come across are:


Stylish Kylie said...

I am so clearly 2011, as I had never seen or hear of them, but don't worry i have had plenty of F.A.I.L DIY attempts too!

Sarah - Squeezed Daily said...

I'm trying to pull myself together...I haven't laughed as hard as that since my own DIY disaster! I'm sorry, but at least you've given it a go. My daughter is really cranky with me for laughing, she thinks it's great....actually it would look super cute in a kids room.

sar x

Lydia Criss Mays said...

I love the ambition and attempt. Sometimes the best memories are made in the act of doing something that doesn't work out perfectly. :)

Sending see beautiful thoughts your way!

Rosa @ FlutterFlutter said...

Thanks for mentioning my tutorial! :) I also sell them on Etsy for a fraction of the cost of the feather versions. :)