Thursday, July 12, 2012

{Thrifted Finds}

There has been not a lot of thrifting going on here for me for the past few months, and the few times I have gone I have come home with zilch...absolutely nothing.

But I have had two lucky trips, and found two things that been on my list for a very, very long time.

**A set of four A4 sized seashell prints**

**Pink Pyrex**

Can you imagine how happy I was to come across these super finds?  This is my very first piece of PINK pyrex and I absolutely love it.  Its not often I can find items from my list, but to cross off two things in the past month - well, that's just lucky, right?  Now I'm asking the thrifting gods for 4 matching frames for my shell prints!

Do you thrift with a list, or just see whats around?


Thrifted Treasure said...

LOVE the pink pyrex! I do have a wishlist and it's a great feeling finding something on it but I also love the fact that you never know what you'll come home with when you go to a market or op shop :-)

Bromeliad said...

Love your shell prints.