Thursday, July 26, 2012


I'm not usually an early morning person.  I used to be years and years ago, but not lately.  I more of a night owl - this is when I come alive and function properly.

This morning was the first time in many years that I had gotten up before the sun.  Not because I wanted to, but because I had to.  I have since been tired and grumpy all day, but the one good thing about being up that early was watching the sun rise.  Alone.  On the beach.

A beautiful sight to see.

The next time I will be up and about on the beach that early will be in November. But I wont be alone.  Our town is going to be over crowded with scientists, overseas visitors, athletes and just about every man and his dog for the Solar Eclipse.

I hope my spot on the beach will be there then for me!


beachcomber said...

it's the best time of day. not that i see it too often ;)
lovely photos!

kim said...

It's genetic. I don't like early mornings either. :)

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

The glow in pic 3 is so gorgeous. I'm not an early riser either..., but did catch one absolutely spectacular sunrise in FL last summer.

Stylish Kylie said...

I agree with Beachcomber - it's the best time of the day. Unfortunatley I also love to sleep in!

Sarah - Squeezed Daily said...

That' interesting, we'll have to catch that one.

Sar x