Wednesday, July 11, 2012

{Broken Nails and Teabags: OR Is Pinterest the new Google?}

I hate my fingernails (even though I have a Pinterest board dedicated to nail art - you know, just in case!)  Toe nails I don't mind and I paint them all the time.  But my fingernails, especially the two thumb ones, keep splitting at the sides.  Normally I just cut them off and suffer with short nails for a few weeks, but this time the thumb nail on my right hand split a bit too far down to just cut off.

Enter Pinterest.  Pre-Pinterest I used to google just about everything.  Now I search Pinterest for anything AND everything (Sorry Google, I still love you). 

So what did I learn?  Tea Bags.  Yep - tea bags apparently fix broken nails!

Cut a small square (big enough to cover your break/split) out of the tea bag.  Using a base coat nail polish, paint your nail .  Whilst still wet, place tea bag square over your split.  I then did another layer of base coat.  When dry, top with whatever polish tickles your fancy!

NOTE:  I had to repair both thumb nails - on the good one I used a blue glittery polish and you can't see the bag at all.  But the one on the left hand (on the right in the picture above)  I used dark polish and the tea bag sticks out way too much.  Plus I smudged it....quite a bit.  So don't use dark polish - unless you can paint your nails properly, which I can't!!!

Now I'll just have to wait and see if the tea bag bit hardens when dried and stops things getting caught it in (yesterday I was trying on a top in a shop and may have accidentally pulled a thread, or two, with my split nail!) 

......And I have to repaint my other nail.

Where do you search for answers on the Internet?  Is Pinterest the new Google for you?


kim said...

Guess what? Right thumb. Will be testing this theory this evening. ;)

Lydia Criss Mays said...

Love this thinking! Pinterest as the new Google. What will Google ever do about this?

The sparkly nailpolish looks awesome - and I love tea, so it's a double bonus!

Happy seeing beautiful!

Kaybe said...

Will the clever ideas on Pinterest ever cease? As an avid beach comber, I gave up on my nails a while back. I do like my pedi's although repairs aren't normally an issue.