Saturday, July 28, 2012

{London 2012: The Olympics}

Did you all stay up late/get up early to watch the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games?  I got up early, but fell asleep and missed the middle bit.  But I did watch it all again on the replay that was later in the afternoon (a much more civilized time).

It was spectacular.  Every four years I look forward to seeing what each country will put together to entertain the world, and I must say London did a fantastic job, and is probably one of the best ceremonies I have seen.  As for all that sport for the next 16 days?  Well I might watch bits and pieces here and there (hubby has already declared he is sleeping on the couch for the duration so he can watch it ALL.  And he probably will, he watches any sort of sport)

But it seems every Olympics there is always kerfuffle about the uniforms our athletes wear.  Green and Gold.  I agree that yes, Australia is recognized for the green and gold, but is that because there has hardly been anything else?

The only uniform that I didn't really mind was the blue ombre style uniform that was worn by our athletes back in 2008 for the Beijing Olympics!

When I think of my Australia I think of bright blue waters, white sandy beaches, the oranges of the outback and the sparkly lights of the night time big cities.  So why not incorporate that into the uniforms?

Denim jeans, orange shirt for the guys and navy blue and white chevron skirts and orange blazers for the ladies.  With some sparkly opals thrown in somewhere.  Surely thats more Australian than green and gold?

What do you think of the Australian Green and Gold?  What colours remind you of Australia?

Enjoy the Olympics if you are watching :)

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