Sunday, November 11, 2012

{That Time I Tried Mosaic}

So I broke a little saucer this week.  It was one of those blue and white willow ones that are a dime a dozen at the thrift stores.  So what did I do with it?  I smashed it up alittle more and decided to try and mosaic something.  I bought a little $1 terracotta pot from Masters, waterproofed it and began grouting broken plate pieces onto it, and added a few sand dollars around the top.

I'm actually a little happy with it, but there were a few things I should/could have done better.  (It certainly isn't my worst DIY work!!)

First:  It is so hard to get these little saucer pieces to sit properly because of the round edgey bit on the bottom, so there are a few bits that poke out a bit more than the others.

Second:  Don't stop work halfway through and talk to your mum on Skype for a few hours, or have visitors.  I sort of left the grout stuff a bit too long to dry and it is as hard as a rock, so its not a smooth as it should be!

Third:  Its a very messy job, so I am glad I used throw away containers and plastic tablecloth when I made it!

Fourth:  Now I have to try and keep this little fern plant alive.


beachcomber said...

love it!! funny.. i was just thinking about doing some mosaicing when i broke a blue willow plate the other day.

bec said...

this is so good to not put a good willow plate to waste...nice one!
Bec x

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

It's pretty!! And reminds me of Greece. I have the habit to walk away from cooking, not good either, haha.

Sarah - Squeezed Daily said...

well done, I think half the battle is doing something with he stuff collected and put on the 'must do one day' list. My Mother inlaw has piles of broken tiles and has yet to do a project. Yours looks great too!