Friday, October 12, 2012

{Five Favourites For Friday}

This week iheart:


This (pictured above) DIY tiered hanging pots via Design*Sponge

This driftwood hanging.  (Funny story: I was going through some old magazines from 2009 and ripped this page out of the mag to put in my 'ideas' scrapbook (it was out of a Country Style magazine).  Then about 10 minuted later I have a look-see on Pinterest and the very same image appeared on my feed (pinned by Completely Coastal via Apartment Therapy).  Do strange coincidental things like that happen to you? 

Earlier this week I semi-spring cleaned out my wardrobe and gave about 10 pairs of denim jeans to the thrift shop (I live in and love my jeans but had way too many!).  Maybe I should have used them to make this denim pocket hanger over at 101woonideeen (found via pinterest)

Its no secret that I love Instagram.  I have 'met' some great people through it and found a few more blogs to stalk!!  This weekend I will be reading Fiona's Lilyfield Life blog.  How did I not know about this blog before Instagram?

With November just around the corner (where has this year gone???) this means that for us here in the tropics of Far North Queensland we need to be getting ready for the cyclone season.  Our cyclone season runs from November through to May, so its time to sort out the emergency supplies box.  This weekend I'll be checking batteries, stocking the canned food, long life milk and bottled water.  This is something I do every.single.year at this time and after the scare of Cyclone Yasi in February 2011 its good to plan ahead and be ready for anything!

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Ann said...

They are beautiful,
love the denim pocket hanger... cute and functional.